NGN: A node.js Application Engine

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NGN provides a boilerplate class structure and utilities for RAD (rapid application development). It can be used independently or as the foundation for a larger library.

NGN was inspired by ColdFusion (yes, really) & Rails, but differs in many ways. ColdFusion has gone through several iterations. Originally it sat on top of C++ and masked a lot of the boilerplate stuff you'd have to write in C++. Then it did the same for Java.

Along the way, ColdFusion added a lot of simple features that make application development focused more on application logic than programming constructs. All the while, it never restricted access to the underlying JVM, making it a tool beginners and advanced developers could use together.

Rails took this concept to a whole different level, and did it with an old language like Ruby. While NGN is not Rails or ColdFusion, many of it's elements are influenced by the approaches of these languages/frameworks.

This is a work in progress, by my (Corey Butler) standards. There are a number of working features, but they need testing. Feel free to help. I am building a few public-facing production applications on NGN, and am very motivated to make them as robust as possible. I am open to community contributions, but I request that you contact me first so I am aware of what you're working on and the progress you're making. This will hopefully reduce redundant development.


  • API Documentation, Guides, & Examples
  • Trello Board: Current, Planned, & Completed Work Efforts